Freestyle recycling

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Freestyle Recycle – Funnermother

We recycle.  Madly.

Cardboard, plastic, cans.  Like everyone. It ships out.

But also clothes, fabric, found items for repurposing (some say “trash”), tissue paper, every last sticker.  This stuff sticks around.


Freestyle Recycle – Funnermother




One day we pulled out the recycling and that’s not new.

012013164217012013164227But usually I have some plan: make a space ship and we’ll spray paint it, or a robot, or a  jetpack. This day was a free-for-all.  Thing 1 (10) made a Shakespearean stage (that’s not me, that’s his awesome school) and a blue monster.  Thing 2 (6) made an “I love cats” bank where she planned to collect money for the local shelter (that might have been me). Try freestyle recycling at your house!  But be warned..there might be a side effect…. h h hoarding.  NO!  I did not say that!




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