DIY fairy castle in the clouds – a day of play!

Fairy cloud castle - Funnermother

Fairy cloud castle – Funnermother

Apologies for the accidentally rude shapes of our cloud castle.  ahem.

We never outgrow sensory play!

Babies, preschoolers, little kids… they love it!

sensory play

Cloud fairy castle – Funnermother.

I try to keep it going for my kids, 6 and 10.

The older kid cooks in the kitchen, the younger needs bigger-kid ideas, with some narrative.  So.

sensory play

fairy castle – Funnermother

We got dad’s shaving cream, which smells great and feels…smushy.

I made some castle turrets (!!) with shaving cream; we added fairies. It was as good for me as it was for her!

sensory play

Cloud fairy castle – Funnermother

We added friends of different sizes, and ..

we put them to bed!

If you follow Funnermother on Facebook or know me in person, you know about my legendary insomnia.


fairy cloud castle – Funnermother

Sleeping on a cloud has become one of my go-to images for trying to sleep.

Think about sleeping on a puffy cloud, look at her laying there, smell her all wrapped up in yum.


Fairy cloud castle – Funnermother

Girlfriends came over, they had a slumber party.

Next time you can’t sleep, remember the fairy cloud castle slumber party.

You’ll be glad you did!

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