Light-up Pumpkin Craft


Pumpkin Craft – Funnermother

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Pumpkin Craft – Funnermother

Thing 2 had a play date.  ALL they do is play and laugh and whisper and giggle.

It’s awesome.

But we did have a quick structured craft activity.

You’ll need:

clean clear jars for everyone, poster paint, white glue, paintbrushes, and a tea light for each jar.  At this age, battery operated.

Halloween craft

Pumpkin Craft – Funnermother

Mix orange poster paint and glue to make the paint adhere to smooth surfaces like glass and plastic – about 1/3 of this bowl is glue.

Paint a jar.

They are 6 and used glass with close supervision;

younger kids should use plastic.

This craft could be adapted for older kids, too,

who could paint more elaborate spooky scenes and use real tea lights if you are so inclined.


Pumpkin Craft – Funnermother.

Let the first layer of paint dry.

Use black poster paint to paint your

Jack-o-Lantern’s face.


Pumpkin Craft – Funnermother

The second layer of paint adhered to the first,so we didn’t use glue for the second layer.

Then, and this is my favorite part, put in a battery-operated tea light!

No messy pumpkin guts, but still fun and festive!


12 thoughts on “Light-up Pumpkin Craft

  1. I love candles, period. Having this as a simple way to incorporate into the coming seasonal event all down my walk to the door is even better! Although, there will be gutting stinking pumpkins in my near future, I am holding on to this craft even more.


  2. What a wonderful idea and craft activity to do with young kids!! Love the fact that it’s so simple and easy with no cleaning up the pumpkin mess (and no use of sharp knives to cut it)! Great way to light up my stoop and welcome the kids!


  3. Love this “pumpkin carving” idea, Angela. Most children love to paint, and they feel so proud of themselves when they accomplish something. The items needed for this project are easily found in most households with kids. Plus, these pumpkins are safe and appropriate for young children – no sharp knives and no live fire!


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