Free Printable Family Statement

Happy New Year Approacheth!

Thank you for jumping in early to my Funnermother project.  Families aren’t perfect, but they can still be fun, and I thank you for sharing my vision.

In this family...

In this family…

Here is a fun free printable that I just put up in my Etsy shop (here).  I’m offering it to the folks who sign up for my free weekly e-zine, but I want you blog subscribers to have it, too. Use it to celebrate fun, imperfect families of any shape, race, orientation, or size.  Hang it on the fridge, frame it, or send it to family members far away.  And thank you.

Blue: In this family we do road trips

Black: In this family we do road trips

Red: In this family we do road trips

Green: In this family we do road trips

Picture: In this family we do road trips

In this family...

In this family…

I do retain copy rights, though, so please don’t try to cash in big on my little project, ha ha.

This printable comes in four colors, and one with a spot to paste in your own photo over mine, or cut it out to use the printable as a matte for your own photo.



16 thoughts on “Free Printable Family Statement

  1. What a cute idea! I’m not sure you know this, but Deb and I take projects like that for clients and then turn them into beautiful artistic creations. (Deb does… I just talk about them. LOL) But seriously, I love the sentiments on that. Warms my tummy.


  2. Thanks, Angela! Those are special and creative, and I like having the choice of fonts and colours. I chose the “picture” one.

    I’d love to see this hang on people’s fridges where it would actually be read every day 😉


  3. What a lovely way to start out the new year with an intention for the quality of relationship a family can have! May it be a blessing to those who resonate with it and a method to raise up the families that don’t.


  4. What a simple and great idea to celebrate and remember cherished family time! Love that you provided the printable versions for us with less incline to begin an entire scrap booking hobby. Thank you so much, and Merry Christmas!


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