DIY: Building a heart light

self care  and kids

Turn on your heart light!

Running mate works weekend nights, and I am not a good single parent.  One bedtime, I could feel it.  You know, increased bickering, picking at each other, elevated kinetic energy, swirling vapors and mom getting flustered.

An idea like a lightning strike! Outgrown tights!  I cut off the legs, filled them with old old dried beans — one got lentils, one got pinto — and tied a knot.

self care

Warming the heart light.

Then, a minute in the microwave.

Then, magic!


Apply the heart light.

One kid is a seeker, and laughs and jumps and kicks and fools around until the instant she falls asleep.  The other is more pondering, more of a worrier, but still can be revved up to a frothy sibling rivalry.

self care


The “heart light” works for them both, centering and heating, weighting and calming.  I suppose I could sew buttons on for eyes, but it’s working as it is.

This very flexible DIY project would work well tucked into a sweatshirt or coat hood, or as two smaller ‘heart lights’ tucked into coat or hoodie pockets.  It also could be popped in the freezer and used for headaches or booboos.

I hope I get a turn with it soon.

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10 thoughts on “DIY: Building a heart light

    • Lisa, I’ve got to say, I want more! Ha ha. This evening I’ve put it on my shoulder of the hand that crochets and mouses. It’s miraculous. A nice new fuzzy sock would be nice, too. I’m having a moment of self-care, and I recommend it. Thanks for stopping by, and for your comment. Best, Angela


  1. I have a small version of that I put over my eyes at night. The weight is a comfort and sometimes even just holding it in my hand feels good and helps me get to sleep. I take it with me when I travel to help reduce the “not sleeping at home” wonkiness. The one I had before that was filled with flax seed and lavender. Scented or not, it’s always a comfort.


  2. There is just something so relaxing about warmth around bed time. Last night I heated up my magic bag and fell asleep faster and harder than in a long time. Sometimes we make solutions so complicated when really, the simple answer works so much better with less effort.


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