What’s your happy place?

Happy place

Happy Place from ArtPeaceCreation – Funnermother.com

This spring is about self-care in our family.  The ‘for sale’ sign in the front yard, packed boxes sprinkled around, and the punctuation of routine with frenzied clean-ups for potential buyers has put strains on all of us.

Obvious and subterranean strains.

A few months ago, we started meditating at bedtime.  We spent a week thinking about our happy places, imagining what they’d be like.

light house

Happy Place from Fairyland2000 – Funnermother.com

I admit, that was inspired by a pinterest board of “reading nooks” and I think we all do have books in our happy places.  If  you follow Funnermother on facebook, you know the kids’ mortifying addition to their happy places that left this leftie mom chagrined (happy servants to bring them happy snacks and clean the happy cat boxes!).

But we pushed on, and the happy place has become part of our nightly meditation.  It will eventually follow us to our new home, and it is always available if needed in the daytime.

Happy place

Happy place by HappyThursdayArt – Funnermother.com

And you know what?

My legendary insomnia is not as severe, and the boy has stopped asking the old standard bedtime question, “Can you help me think happy thoughts?”

He can do it himself!  Ah, resilience.

Do you have a happy place?

Whether it’s the wide ocean, a cozy cottage in the woods, a treehouse, lighthouse, or tiny house, whether you want sun or candlelight or cats or tea or coffee, you need a happy place, and I’m sprinkling a few into this post.

happy place

Hammock from PrincipalStress – Funnermother.com

Just click on one and you can purchase a print on Etsy, a handmade broker.

Or commit it to memory.

You deserve a happy place. Or two.


Photo backdrop from PeekPrints – Funnermother.com

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16 thoughts on “What’s your happy place?

  1. Hi Angela, I love the idea of a Happy Place – mine is a Golden Hourglass but that’s only in my mind right now, although meditating each night is something I’ve been doing for a while now, and I love it 🙂

    Much appreciation for what you’re doing, and I hope the best for you on your journey!!


    • Hi Saiisha, and thank you for reading and commenting! I’ve never stuck with meditation this long, and I think it’s because the kids are doing it, too — it’s just part of our bedtime ritual, whereas I didn’t set aside time to do it when it was just me. Stay tuned, hopefully this will get us through our upcoming move. And thank you! xx Angela


    • Oh dear. I have no idea what “the right thing” to say might be. I have often longed for the thing you must be missing terribly — the one place. Between job mobility and divorced parents, the one place was my grandmother’s house, and saying goodbye to it… well, I’m welled up with tears right now. I’m so sorry. Houses and geography are very strong nurturers, I’m glad you had and have them. xx a


  2. I so agree Angela!! I started doing this a while back when I was dealing with adrenal fatigue (although I didn’t know it at the time) and really struggling with my sleep. The first Happy Place that came to my mind at that time, and I still use it, was getting a facial. Not the squeezing and poking part! The perfectly formed to my body, cozy and warm ‘bed’, covered in the softest blankets, in a dimly lit room with the perfect music playing while I waited. That moment is so powerfully visceral to me and thinking about it still calms me helps me sleep to this day.


    • Oh my. That’s beautiful. I forgot all about a trip to Saratoga Springs I took about 20 years ago, I had a massage then a “natural spring bath” in this little white-tiled room. Oh lord, it was SO freeing, I wanted to lock the door behind my attendant, haha! Thanks for this lovely reminder. xx Angela


  3. Angela what a fun topic but then again you are the Funniermother.

    My happy place is my commercial office space. Yes, I know I could probably come up with somewhere different but I truly love being able to leave the house and drive their knowing that no one will interrupt my time unless it’s scheduled. As lovely as my home office is after many years of working there with interruptions from the family, barking dogs and too many temptations to do house work it has become my haven.

    Best to you on the sale of your home!


  4. This brings back happy childhood memories of long Summer visits to my Auntie’s farm and as an adult, one of my favorite vacations spent writing poetry on beach in Greece.

    From my earliest memories, in addition to actually going places, I have always been a mind-traveler , going to awesome, happy places through books, plays, songs and some pretty cool daydreaming. Something I have shared with my own children. And it just occurred to me that I have continued this tradition in my work with my coaching clients, through centering and visioning exercises!

    Angela, you have inspired me to a little Dr. Seussian prose:
    “Oh, how I love happy places! Happy places are in my head and in my bed. They are in books and nooks. They are in my car, they are where I am and where you are. ”

    What a great post!


    • Denise, what a beautiful comment. You are right, books and plays and songs are great sources of inspiration and solace. I love thinking of you writing poetry and a Greek beach. In the mid 80s I traveled Europe alone, including Santorini. That is such a magical backdrop, thank you for reminding me of it! And thank you for reading and sharing.
      xx Angela


  5. I have a happy place- although I think of it as my instant retreat place. It is a spot in Ireland- a real place that I was at on my honeymoon, on a little island. I was standing on the shore of the ocean with my bare feet buried in the sand, the warm water lapping at my toes, the salt water breeze blowing in my face and hair, my eyes closed as I turned my face up to the sun, breathing in the moment.

    All of the sudden, I felt something brushing back and forth across my foot. I opened my eyes and bent down to look at it. It was a tiny bit of stone, worn down by the ocean, that looked like a little angel with one crooked wing. It seemed in the moment to be a message. “I am always watching over you, I am always with you.”

    Any time, any moment, I ever need to re-set myself or get centered in my happy, zen place, I take a moment and go to my Ireland Island. And remember the truth.


    • What a beautiful memory. My dearest Auntie always wore a little angel pin on her coat, and that angel had one broken wing. Seems symbolic that perfection is not needed or attained. Did you take a photo of the rock by chance? Or slip it in your pocket, I hope? 🙂 Thank you so much for reading and sharing. xx Angela


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