FRUSTRATION and what to do with it…

coping skills

Kids and stress –

I messed up. No gas, dead battery.

Not a good morning!  Running Mate had smoke pouring out of both ears, out in the driveway. I felt like my head was in a vice.

To save the situation I wanted to make it teachable.  So my wary kids, silent and blinking, heard my internal monologue.


Coping skills –

That’s right, put words on it.  Narrate: “Ug, I feel like a numb head!  I know we’ll get through this, but I feel so bad right now..Sometimes I think HORSES would be easier than cars! Ug!”  Words help you — and everyone else — make sense of a situation.  Find a teachable moment.  Narrate it.

If you can’t tame your frustration with words, you can always give in!  Really!  With your kids, giving in to them for ten minutes of undivided attention, physical contact, or dancing together can nourish a needy child enough to then allow you to work for an hour.  With your self, my dear late Auntie used to recommend this: Wallow in it.  Go ahead, feel it and cry and feel bad, and rant and rave and scream if you have to.  But set a timer.  And after the time you specify, according to the size of the feelings, you have to move on.  Give yourself ten minutes or two days.  Then get on with it.

What’s your best strategy for dealing with overwhelming feelings?  I’m always looking for tips.


8 thoughts on “FRUSTRATION and what to do with it…

  1. That’s it. You got it! Honor the energy, or it will continue to haunt you. Then, let the energy shift. It’s the most natural way of being, anyways. Change and energy shifts is the circulation of chi. Homeostasis is real. Thanks for sharing your story this week! We’ve all been there, including me as of late.


    • Hi Lisa, and thanks so much for reading and responding. It’s been a LONG winter, and your small phrase “including me” makes me feel so much better about my raggedy emotions! Thanks and here’s to spring!


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