The Perfect Kale Storm


They planted kale in the community garden. The hip young teacher loved kale, too. Photo by Angela Todd

It was an elementary-school phenomena!  The perfect kale storm.

The irresistibly hip young teacher loved kale.  Couldn’t get enough.

In the community garden they planted kale.

Later, the garden educators brought the kale to school for some sensory play, tossing kale in olive oil by hand, salting roasting and eating it!


Kale chips in the making at Kentucky Avenue School – photo by Angela Todd

The lunch lady had served it previous to all this, but she started to get requests!  For kale!

Some kids signed up for lunches just because of the kale chips, and would try to pass on the chicken, egg salad, or hummus wraps and ask for a mountain of kale chips.  That didn’t fly.

As the spring turned warm, putting the oven at 400 degrees farenheit got to be unmanageable and we cut back.  But we will all always remember the spring of regularity.


Summer Kale, photo by Thing 2.

The Things planted kale in our garden at home and we have a truckload! Our kale is gorgeous, calm, flat. Thing 2 and I made kale chips, even though it was HOT outside.  Olive oil, salt, heat.


The flat kale was too flat, and the kale didn’t crisp up with the oil, it steamed.  We had some crunchy pieces, but composted more than half of it.  But the foot print is there, the hipster, the gardeners, the lunch lady and my gardening Running Mate made sure of that.  And the more involved the kids get in planning, shopping, gardening and cooking, the wider their palates seem to be…  I’ve got another idea for the kale, don’t you worry.  It won’t go to waste (insert diabolical laugh here).

Though taking kids to the grocery store can be awful, it can also be a great sensory experience if you can engage them particularly in the produce areas.  We have Sensory Integration concerns in our family, and this article has a couple of good ideas for that.  At a quiet time, feel the veggies and name their colors (in English and Spanish).  Pick up something and make a fuss, feel it smell it buy it.  Then eat it the minute you get out of the store, relishing it with your kids.  Tell daddy about it, buy it again, this time make something out of it. Come on over and tell me all about it on my Facebook page.

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8 thoughts on “The Perfect Kale Storm

  1. So important for kids to realize that food grows somewhere! Planting something is an important part of every kid’s childhood, even if it is just in a pot. I am so happy you shared the kale details. I love kale chips and have never successfully duplicated a recipe. Now I realize, I always used flat kale. Off to buy some curly kale!


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