I am in my happy place

Old Orchard Beach Pier

Click this image of Old Orchard Beach to purchase it from Elizabeth Thomas Photo.

Tantalizing.  So much is about the smells of lake and ocean.

Pine, wet earth, the salty air, coconut sunscreen, high tide, my childhood home, my other childhood home.


Click this image to buy it from CEJPhotography.

We left Running Mate behind, packing and cleaning without us under foot. The Things miss him, achingly so!

The 13-hour drive was doubled by jumping jacks breaks — my response to their bickering. But all that falls away in the cold waters of home.

When others talk and write of ethnicity, this is what I reflect on.  New England.  My family is a broad mix of bloodlines. We identify with family and regional histories.  And I want the Things to have that platform, too.

So we are a heartbreaking 3/4 of us as the Things hear stories about how Silas was followed home by a cat, how Pa drove a school bus for an integrated school near a military base in Maine while he was in college, how Big Nanny would let her children (my mother) cook potatoes right on the cast iron stove on cold Saturday afternoons.  The one-room schoolhouse, the potato harvest that shut down the schools each fall so all could work, our potato inspector and grave-digger grandfathers.

Family stories are proven and re-proven to strengthen families, an Emory University reconfirmed this recently.  Huffington Post published a “DYK: Do you know” questionnaire, and it was fun to go through it as a family.  But the facts in the questions, the article points out, are not what’s relevant.  It’s the time spent relaying them.  You can follow our Maine travels and our neverending attempt to move to Maine, over on Facebook.  Stop by and tell me if your kids know your family stories, and what they are!


6 thoughts on “I am in my happy place

  1. Angela … I am right there with you as you paint this beautiful imagery in my head. This is a lovely post and it also calmed me. Made me slow down to a vacation pace. Thanks for the journey.
    PS – love the pic of the jumping jacks breaks on Facebook!


  2. You are a poet, Angela! My family never swapped stories and were very close-mouthed about their history. I’m glad that others do as I think story-telling is key to the human condition.


  3. Love the family stories. We love nothing better than to sit around the dining room table and retell the same old stories that have been told a million times before. They always get laugh, and we are right there again. The youngest kids learn the stories and feel as if they were part of the history, and therefore, tighten their bonds within the threads of the family tapestry.


    • Oh Wendi — That is exactly right! And those stories are always about terribly embarassing things or scrapes folks get out of… for my Thing 2, it does help him see that he’s not Charlie Brown, we all are! Thanks so much for reading and commenting. best, Angela


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