I love Mondays.

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“I’m always hungover on Tuesdays.”

On the phone scheduling a date, we laughed, but it’s true!  Monday nights are moms’ night out.  I go with my neighbor to the local pub, where they can set their watches by our arrival.  We catch up, comment on the news, and laugh. Those hard and long belly laughs that cause chemical changes in your brain.  Have we been doing this for half a decade?  Yes, I think so.  That’s a lot of chemical change!

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This is part of my self-care.  I love Mondays!  Who can say that?  It’s just a couple of hours, but it erases so much strife — like how exhausting the mundane can be, especially when there are bumps in the road. A system can’t just be implemented for kids; it’s constant change.  Rethinking the same questions over and over: rules, food, screen, bedtimes, friends.  Keeping them fed with healthy food, fresh air, challenging books and some kind of spiritual wonderings…  Exhausting and mundane is not part of that sexy cultural narrative that convinces us to choose parenting.  But that’s a real part of the experience.  I say that with love, but I don’t know if I could, were it not for Monday nights.

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On Mondays we talk about those mundane things too, though her kids are grown. There’s still so much to laugh about, so much the same.  And it’s working.  Our proof?  Our mates!  They bend over backwards to drive us, rearrange schedules, give us cash…  They make sure we don’t miss a Monday.  We laugh that we must be pretty hard to live with when we miss a week.

What’s your treat?  Your regular self-care?  Let me know in the comments.  And if you’d like to chat about managing the mundane, drop me a line.  🙂


5 thoughts on “I love Mondays.

  1. Self-care! Yes Angela Todd. And this must be the best self-care of all. Giving yourself TIME and SPACE to BE. To be with a dear friend, sharing, caring, laughing and loving. My best self-care if probably snuggling with my Buddha Boy. That kitty makes me laugh just looking at him. I’m happy you’re helping to spread the self-care word. And love the images!


    • Thanks so much, Elaine. Makes me realize that somehow, during our time in the Berkshires, we didn’t actually share a drink! Clearly a situation to remedy. Thanks for reading, and feeling me. xx a


  2. I love Mondays too, party for the reasons you highlight here, but also for another reason. I love my kids, I truly do, but it is terrible to admit that I love Mondays because they go back to school after an activity filled weekend from which I generally need and appreciate a break? Should I feel guilty about that. (I don’t …)

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    • No, you should not feel guilty. I believe exhaustion is a sign of all-in parenting — paying attention and watching when they ask you to, which can be a LOT! My kids went back to school today after a full week off for ‘autumn break’ and it was blissful. But they thrive on routine, challenges I can’t provide, and socializing with their peers. We are glad they thrive in these areas, we aren’t relieved that they are gone… right? RIGHT??!! Ha ha. We can’t be all things to them, nor should we. Thanks for reading and chiming in! xx a


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