Feeding the Finicky: Free Audio and Free Printable

I recently hosted my first free online talk about feeding finicky kids.  Now I’m making it available on replay!

kids activities

We play with our food. Click this image to read Feel this fruit! by Funnermother

My kids are culinary opposites: one eats chives from the garden, purple onions, and lots of meat! The other one likes easily-digested cake and white bread.

Sigh. Keeping them both fed and happy is a challenge!  I’ve got lots of tricks and tips for making that happen.

This audio is 21 minutes, and it’s for you for you if you:

    • dread mealtime,
    • are frustrated and out of ideas,
    • want some ideas for integrating a newly fussy eater…

Just sign up to get your free audio download HERE.

And to jot down relevant tips from the talk and your own ideas, you can get your accompanying FeedingTheFinickyPrintable HERE.

If you would like to work together on making your mealtimes streamlined and stress free, check out my Kitchen Coaching Program HERE or drop me a line at Funnermother [at] gmail [dot] com.

Happy New Year!


2 thoughts on “Feeding the Finicky: Free Audio and Free Printable

  1. This is such a big issue for so many families! We’ve recently instituted a game where we find the weirdest item we can in the produce section and try it. We all commit to taking at least one bite 🙂 This week we’re trying passion fruit!


    • Oh, that’s a great idea! I often ask my cake-eater to pick out some new veggie, but I love the idea of all doing it together. I bet you share some goooood laughs! How did y’all like the passionfruit?


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