Use edible flowers to entice picky eaters

salad seeds

Click this link to purchase these edible organic flower salad seeds from The Garden Studio.

purple chive flowers

Click this image to purchase organic chive seeds from Cubits.

Gardening with kids introduces them to the freshest of foods.

A family garden teaches them growth cycles, harvest techniques, and teamwork.

Plants are the only living things that make their own food.

Once the novelty of the garden wears off, reintroduce it with edible flowers.

Eat them right out of your window boxes!

The smallest gardeners will need guidance, of course, as to which flowers are edible.

Play scientist!


edible flowers clip art

Click this image to purchase edible flowers clip art from Corner Croft.


What colors are in the flower?

Smell and feel the flowers, crush them in your hands and smell them again.

Ask if they are sweet, peppery, minty.  Crunchy?  Chewy?

Play researcher!



Click this image to purchase lavender seeds from All About Seeds.

Search out if you can cook the flowers, and how.

I have a New England friend who swears that fried dandelion flowers taste like fried mushrooms.

This summer we are trying that!

A coworker used to bring in lavender pizelles (this crispy italian cookies).

hand drawn card

Click this image to purchase this card from Lucy Auge.

Salads with nasturtiums, fried zucchini blossoms, daylilies, echinachea tea…

Have a garden playdate and try them all (clear it with the moms first, just in case of allergies).

Brew sun tea outside, make a salad right from the garden and eat it there, too.

Pretend you are dinosaurs, you’re on Master Chef Junior, you are on a journey to search for the magical golden flower that will make you able to fly…

just ask the kids, they’ll take you on the wildest adventures ever.

yellow marigolds

Click this image to purchase seeds for these marigolds from Kenyon Organics.

If you’d like more ideas for making mealtime with your picky eater fun, sign up for my list of Tools for Finicky Eaters (hint: they’re edible!) here.

And if you want to work one-on-one, we can give your family mealtimes a total makeover.  Just look over here.


6 thoughts on “Use edible flowers to entice picky eaters

  1. I read a book in middle school about how to make sugared flowers for cakes and stuff. I’ve ALWAYS wanted to munch on edible flowers. THIS year — I’m trying dandelions!


    • Oh yay! Every spring we have a few dandelions leaves in our salads and at least once have them sauteed in garlic and butter for a side dish. We share with the neighbors and I reminisce about my grampy’s spring tonic! haha. This year, let’s try the flowers and report back to each other. 🙂 Thanks for reading, xx a


  2. Great idea! Somehow after we get past school age and are incessantly told to stop putting things in our mouths we forget how much of our amazing world is supposed to be explored that way. I had some edible flowers on a meal last weekend and I loved it! I’ll be looking into what to plant very quickly as spring approaches here. Thanks for the nudge 🙂


    • Aly, oooh, what fun! Yes, after a certain age, those edible flowers are just for pasture animals and fancy restaurants, haha. Even my reticent eater is curious about them, though, so hooray. Good luck with your garden! xx a


  3. One of my favorite memories as a child was going camping with my family and digging up wild orange daylilies and cooking the tubers for dinner and then munching on the flowers and and stems. They were delicious and really opened my eyes to a whole world of “Food” growing right along the side of the road!

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