Slumber Party… with a helicopter mom

Slumber Part clip art

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Thing Two had a slumber party!

Her friend came for dinner, and when I asked if she’d eat spaghetti and meatballs, salad, garlic bread, she responded “I don’t care what I eat.”  Heaven!

The sleepover was a cliche, with every element you might imagine when 8-year-olds have slumber parties.

There was giggling, squealing, whispering, stuffed animals, nail polish, and puking.


Slumber party art

Click this image to purchase it from Jessica Stasie.

Yes.  I was holding a long blonde ponytail watching a colorful work of art develop.

And panicking.

Someone else’s kid was at my house!  Sick!

Running mate was out with our car, and our guest was starting to cry.

I couldn’t take her home!

Luckily we had ginger ale.  I called her mom. “Oh, yeah, this is her first sleepover without her sister.  And she’s overtired.  Just send her to bed.”

Oh huzzah. Reaching out is a crucial skill for helicopter parents.  Whether it’s a friend, a coach, another parent, the pediatrician, the insurance company health hotline, poison control…if you have a finely tuned panic reflex, brainstorm an outreach list right now and put a post-it note on the calendar or fridge.  You will thank me in the middle of the night one night!  🙂

If  you are struggling with parenting stress, find me on Facebook, Pinterest, or reach out for help.


10 thoughts on “Slumber Party… with a helicopter mom

  1. How have you not included the look on your face when the Space Shuttle Parent said to the Helicopter Parent. “Oh Yeah……Just put her to bed.”

    On the solution side. I am unclear. Is the parent of the kid who visits your house top on the top of the outreach list, or is the list comprised of the people we call after the Space Shuttle Parent is totally unruffled by their child’s puke?


    • Patrice, I also would have loved to see the look on Funner Mother Angela’s face when hearing above parent’s reply.

      Angela, in the off chance you did a selfie at that exact moment, please post for our amusement/shock value. Tks!


      • Haha, Elizabeth and Patrice, I think I have something pretty close to the look on my face, here it is: oh POO! I can’t get the photo itself to drag or copy into this comment, but here is a link to something pretty close.

        Now, your comments are fascinating, because while it was all happening, I never thought for a minute that the mom in my post was…detached or missing the point. Hmmm. I just thought that *I* was, you know, a helicoptering high strung mama. Though the sleepover guest is third of 4 to a single mom, so maybe the poor dear is just exhausted and completely no-nonsense. I have to rethink the whole event now, and … something else…. about … this isn’t quite the right term, I need a milder term, but something along the lines of self-degradation as we try to right the helicopter and make more distance….. Gotta think more, ladies! Awesome comments, thank you both!


  2. So many things you experienced on the sleepover that I just can’t imagine happening!

    First, the I-don’t-care-what-I-eat child. This would never happen in our family. As a child, I had a huge list of fave foods, some of them even healthy ones. My very healthy kids with healthy appetites definitely cared what they ate. I find this difficult to wrap my mind around.

    And then there’s the puking rescued-by-ginger-ale child. Did the parents talk to the child and ask if she would like to come home?

    Thanks for the smile, you brave-organized-reaching-out helicopter parent!


  3. See, now again, Elizabeth, it did not occur to me that a kid saying “I don’t care what I eat” was nearly impossible. Huh. I thought I had stumbled onto ‘how the other half lives…. without being picky” haha.
    And rescued by ginger ale…. yes, the kid and parent talked. Our guest said she’d push on. Huh. I did also crawl into a little twin bed in their room, figuring she was tired and nervous more than sick, so I’d be there to both shut down shenanigans and to quell nerves. I may need to put YOU on my outreach phone list! I was all proud that I called her mom instead of an ambulance! It’s not easy being me, and I think you profusely for giving me so much to think about. xx a


  4. This seems really interesting. I would totally insist that the parent of a vomiting child come and pick her up — or I think I would take her home myself. Is that wrong? What am I missing? I’d be concerned that someone else at the party would get sick or worse, that I’d be up all night taking care of someone else’s sick munchkin. What am I missing? (And the comment about food … wow …)


    • Donna Maria, I agree that it’s interesting. And reading Wendi Kelly’s comment below, I think there’s a pretty broad array of parenting styles and reactions. And all the more reason to have a nice fat outreach list on or near the phone! haha.


  5. This post and the above comments are cracking me up. I would totally be that mom on the phone. What’s a little puke when you have been raising kids for 38 years? I’m sure helicopter moms and school nurses have made many faces at me through the phone when I’m not able to see them. Kids are pretty tough. Despite how terrified we are as parents, the truth is- mostly- despite us- they still grow up.

    I was one of those single moms working all the time, going to college while raising my kids, and the other day my son- now in his thirties said to me, “You know mom, I think kids can suffer through a great deal of parenting mistakes if they know deep in their heart that they are loved. And the one thing I always knew, was that I was loved with all your heart.”

    IMHO- That’s the secret of good parenting. Make sure they know that. The rest- even the pukey parts- will work itself out.


    • Wendi, Thank you so much for chiming in here! I have to say, I didn’t give it much thought that the guest’s mom did not come pick her up. I just thought I was being my usual high strung self. Till these comments. Haha. And I’m really glad for your position on the anti-helicopter end of the spectrum. You’re giving our conversation a breadth and depth to contemplate as we make our way…. Thank you!


  6. I got sick once at a sleep over. But it was just my friend and I – I made her sister take me home. Another time SHE was at my house and I got sick. I think my mom made her step-mom come get her.

    After that, that particular friend wasn’t invited for any more sleepovers. I agree – stress-induced. 🙂


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