The very lastest minute holiday gifts

“I know we said we wouldn’t exchange gifts, but I couldn’t resist!”

“But Don didn’t have anywhere else to go!”il_570xN.762086171_8po5

“Surprise, this is my new boyfriend!”

“Aunt Vesta’s plans fell through, so we just swung by on our way.”

“You don’t mind do you?”il_570xN.568576899_tk92

Of course not.  But what is this surprise guest going to do while we open presents?

Open their own, of course!

il_570xN.753592439_5jjkJump onto my Funnermother Etsy shop and choose a printable or two.  Two minutes at your computer, and you have a little frame-worthy keepsake of their visit.

Or pop two or three in a multi-frame and add a funny letter or a gift card.

My printables are great for those folks who have everything, folks with new apartments or homes, teens, gamers, bowlers, kids and parents.

Here’s a sampling!


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