I’ve got your back!

I’m going public

I’ve got big plans this year – I’m offering support and coaching to overwhelmed moms – older moms, quirky kids, working moms, digital age kids… I’ve been working privately with moms for years and now I’m “going public!”stainedglassmama copy.jpg

A dozen years ago, I had my first kid, far from home. We spent a dozen weeks in NICU, and a few weeks in a transitional hospital, learning to read heart monitors and bathe him around his oxygen tube. When we settled in with our unexpected “extended family” – specialists and therapists – our little family tripled in size upon discharge! I was 39. My youngest came along, full term, when I was 42. Being an older mom meant being an anxious mom, and none of the guidebooks seemed to fit us. If that sounds like you, I’ve got your back, mama!

I work with moms on: family feeding issues, blending parenting styles to fit you and your family, sorting out the increased anxiety of parenting “these days,” kids’ social issues, starting daycare, struggling to make friends, anxiety and insomnia, focus, and coping skills.

If you’re interested in getting some parenting support, but not necessarily “going by the book,” I’m here for you. Let’s work to parent from a place of informed love, braiding together strategies that work, with compassion for your self. I’m offering one-one-one coaching packages, and I have programs specific to: feeding picky kids, juggling family dinners, moving and changing schools, and courses on family history are in the works. Let’s shape your family culture.

I have ten spots open for a free chat. Email me at Funnermother@Funnermother.com to schedule your free 15-minute call. Or if you know a mom who might be interested, or who might need some support, please pass the message to her that I’m happy to chat.

Or find further details here.


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