FOOD in CULTURE: Let mom off the hook.

US food culture may be on a long slow turn toward healthy eating.  Nevertheless, moms are still responsible for food quality, quantity, intake, and its long-term effects.  And, twitter-128 culture is not set up to help moms with their responsibility.  Taking the bus through Manhattan, marveling at all the food options on the street, in the bus station, on the corners, it struck me.  Nobody’s helping mama!

I’ve been talking and writing about this for several years, and am convinced: the proof is in the profit.

12985477_1156442274369052_7577300471009573850_n.jpgTelevised competitive cooking and baking

Celebration and reward foods

Vending machines

“Foodie” culture

School lunch

Street food

Fast food

Food goals are fairly unified: profit.

Moms’ goals, however, are health.  And statistically the onus is all on mom.  But a recent sociological study showed that moms don’t always feel it’s worth fighting for.  I’ve blogged about that here.

Special needs moms’ goals are often even more urgent and specific if they have underweight kids, picky eaters, food allergies, immune compromised kids, or if they administer food as a  therapeutic intervention (brain balance programs, supplements, feeding therapies, countering absorption issues, boosting immune systems, etc) .

Pediatricians, mom culture, even the government all advocate for healthy eating and diet diversity. But food production is insistent on unhealthy shortcuts and additives in their drive for profit.  Seeing this structural problem is the first step toward fixing it.

I want to help.  I want to let mom off the hook.  Two of my best tips for getting picky eaters to eat have been published here.

And I have a great new tip: figure out two go-to healthy snacks to always have on hand.  Ours are fresh strawberries and a healthy frozen french fry.  Close behind them are frozen blueberries and frozen peas.  My kids don’t always choose those options, but we have them.  Our local affordable grocery store is not nearby, and stocking a few healthy favorites eases the pain of that long distance between my kitchen cabinet and the good grocery store!

I would love to come talk to your group about this structural problem and answers to it.  And if you have any questions around this issue, reach out to me.  Follow along on Facebook or email me at Angela (at)

Lets work together to #LetMomOffTheHook.


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