What is my child worth?

This came.16326755_10155948391843916_1073580291_o

If I don’t open it,

will it still count as a pre-existing condition?

Do costs counting toward the lifetime insurance cap kick in as soon as I break the seal?  Upon diagnosis?  First therapy?

And how much is my child worth in insurance money?

We have CHIP, which is set for the chopping block, so these are not hypothetical questions.

If we cannot get outside medical/therapeutic intervention, will our public school be able to help us?  We need a diagnosis for school intervention.  See the catch-22?

If my kid cannot successfully be educated, how will s/he ever be able to get a job, take care of themselves, and pay taxes?  For want of early care, my child will end up in the system, on welfare, disability, maybe even jail.  That seems like poor investment logic.

And my other kid, the former preemie?  Has he hit his lifetime insurance cap already, at 13?

Where will our kids be in 10 years?  In 20 years?  Will they be able to take care of themselves?  Work?  Pay taxes?  Because it’s not just my kids — it’s thousands of kids, it’s  our kids, it’s the shape of America.


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