Get your kids into the garden now!

green garden sign

Click this image to purchase this amazing hand painted sign from JM Ellis Designs.

At this time of year, the cold, ice, snow and grey skies are punctuated with tiny hopeful patches of color.
Red, orange, yellow, and lots of greens.
Maybe you are getting these winter-breakers at your house.
They save thousands from seasonal depression, coming on the heels of the winter holidays.

vintage seed packets

Click this image to purchase this digital download from Luna Girl.

Yep it’s time for seed catalogues!

My kids like to garden.
With a landscaper dad, they practically grew up in the independent garden center where he worked.
This year I’m trying an experiment.
I’m giving the kids the garden catalogues.
At nearly 12, Thing 1 is not going to play with gorgeous spring vegetable toys.  Sadly.

knit vegetables

Click this image to purchase these fine knit toys from Maple Apple.

My cake-eater brags about eating raw cabbage right out of his garden in the summer.
In winter, he tries to steer clear of the veggies.  So I hope asking him to circle the items he wants to plant in the garden will get his mind on his greens.
sliced tomato

Click this image to purchase these natural hearts from brandMOJO images.

Going through the catalogues

together, we might remember a fruit or vegetable that we haven’t had for a while.

We might agree to try the new funky cauliflower or kalettes.

They don’t need to know I have ulterior motives as we cuddle up under Gram’s afghan and plan for spring!

Tell me what you’re planning for YOUR garden over on Facebook.  And if you’d like to work with me on your finicky eaters, drop me a line at Funnermother[at]gmail[cot]com